The embroidery medium taken out of a traditional cult that uses embroidery banners in religious mourning ceremonies. Originally, these banners were designed with calligraphy of holy names and outline drawings of religious characters and heavily decorated with ornaments. The words are traditionally embroidered on black fabrics and hang indoors and outdoors in places of worship, alleys and bazaars.

Here I use this medium in a secular context and think about the surface as a space for narration.

In this piece, the calligraphy imitates the rough and unpolished folksy style of writing. Here, I have taken out the classic content and put in a vulgar Iranian proverb in shiny colors.

Translation of written calligraphy is: Our Cow Doesn't Give Milk, But God bless Her Piss!

Twelve one-of-a-kind editions
Embroidery on velvet
63x47 inches

Installation view, IVDE Gallery, Dubai, 2012

Installation view, IVDE Gallery, Dubai, 2012